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About. com: Volleyball «
Site Details: http://volleyball.about.com
  Offers links to resources, chats, bulletin boards, and a newsletter.
Todd's Volleyball Pages «
Site Details: http://www.vbref.org
  Rules and officiating, equipment recommendations, court dimensions, and more.
Volleyball Hall of Fame «
Site Details: http://www.volleyhall.org
  Offers visitors a glimpse of a truly American sport from the birth of an idea in 1895, to Olympic gold and beyond
Volleyball Pictures. com «
Site Details: http://www.volleyball-pictures.com
  Offers indoor and outdoor photos.
Volleyball Seek «
Site Details: http://www.volleyballseek.com
  News, scores and information on amateur, professional, college, and Olympic variations of the sport.
Volleyball Training Ground «
Site Details: http://www.volleyball-training-ground.com
  Learn volleyball from the ground up or improve your volleyball skills with fundamental techniques, conditioning, and drills.
Volleyball Web Page, The «
Site Details: http://www.davesvolleyball.20m.com
  Offers information on the history, shots, and rules.
Volleyball. com «
Site Details: http://www.volleyball.com
  Indoor, outdoor, sand, beach, and grass tournaments. Profiles of equipment, players, teams, colleges, camps, clubs, and leagues. Live chat, personal volleyball home pages.
VolleyCentral «
Site Details: http://www.volleycentral.com
  Covers collegiate, club, beach, U. S. , and International/FIVB volleyball.

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