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Advance Lunge «
Site Details: http://library.thinkquest.org/15340/home.html
  Covers all aspects of fencing, from how to lunge to the origins and history of fencing.
By the Sword «
Site Details: http://www.parry-riposte.com
  Comprehensive listing of fencing and sword related links including clubs, suppliers, and general interest sites.
Classical Fencing and Historical Swordsmanship Resources «
Site Details: http://www.kmoser.com/classicalfencing.htm
  Lists sites about classical fencing and historical swordsmanship.
Fencing. Net «
Site Details: http://www.fencing.net
  Guide to the Olympic sport of fencing with a parent's guide, tournament guides, information for beginners, and recent news and updates for U. S. and world events.
Fencing101 «
Site Details: http://www.whatisfencing.com
  Extensive introduction and portal into the world of fencing. Includes historical accounts and descriptions, rules of the sport, news, articles, and more.
His True Art of Defense «
Site Details: http://www.kismeta.com/digrasse.html
  Rapier fencing manual written in 1594 by Italian fencing master Giacomo di Grasse.
Museum Van Oeveren «
Site Details: http://musee.escrime.free.fr
  Collection highlights the history of fencing and the duel.
Swordsport. com «
Site Details: http://www.swordsport.com
  Dedicated to enhancing public awareness of fencing and swordsports in general. Local and national resources available as well as video samples from a variety of fencing events.

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