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Accidental Scientist: Science of Cooking «
Site Details: http://www.exploratorium.edu/cooking
  Accidental Scientist: Science of Cooking
Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology, and Research «
Site Details: http://www.allstar.fiu.edu
  NASA-sponsored site offering a complete textbook on aeronautics at various reading levels, from middle school through college.
American Museum of Natural History: Science Bulletins «
Site Details: http://sciencebulletins.amnh.org
  The American Museum of Natural History highlights current and ongoing research and phenomena in the fields of earth science, biology, and astrophysics.
BrainPOP «
Site Details: http://www.brainpop.com
  Offers animated movies that teach about topics in health, science, math, English, and technology. Each movie has an accompanying online interactive quiz.
Explore Science «
Site Details: http://www.explorescience.com
  Interactive science education for teachers and students.
Frank Potter`s Science Gems «
Site Details: http://www.sciencegems.com
  Frank Potter`s Science Gems
GetTech. org «
Site Details: http://www.gettech.org
  Offers math and science games and activities, and information about technical careers.
smart goal setting app & templates | goals. com «
Site Details: http://www.goals.com
  the web’s leading destination devoted to helping people achieve their goals. join the community. follow inspiring authors. share insightful articles. achieve.
johnny's math and science posters guide «
Site Details: http://www.johnny-lin.com/posters.html
  Includes both commercial and non-retail sources.
MendelWeb «
Site Details: http://www.mendelweb.org
  Teaching and learning resource, built around and including Gregor Mendel`s paper of 1865.
National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) «
Site Details: http://www.nysc.org
  Official site for the intense month-long program for young scientists the summer after they graduate from high school.
Royal Institution of Great Britain, The «
Site Details: http://www.rigb.org
  Performs scientific research in the field of solid state chemistry, and advances public understanding of science through discourses, programmes, and lectures.
science animations «
Site Details: http://science.nhmccd.edu/biol/animatio.htm
  Collection of animations demonstrating various scientific topics and principals, ranging from microbiology and ecology, to astronomy.
Science Resource Center «
Site Details: http://chem.lapeer.org
  For science teachers to share teaching materials on chemistry, physics, and more.
ScienceSpace Project «
Site Details: http://www.virtual.gmu.edu
  Joint research venture between George Mason, the University of Houston, and NASA`s Johnson Space Center. Strengths and limits of virtual reality for science education are explored.


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