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American Academy of Medical Administrators «
Site Details: http://www.aameda.org
  Provides continuing education through annual management conferences, meetings, and trade shows.
American College of Health Care Administrators «
Site Details: http://www.achca.org
  Professional society for long term care, assisted living, and subacute care administrators.
American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) «
Site Details: http://www.ahraonline.org/about.htm
  Promotes the highest level of management practice in the administration of radiologic sciences.
American Medical Billing Association «
Site Details: http://www.ambanet.net
  Professional association focused on networking, education, and information for professional medical billers.
CALINX - California Information Exchange «
Site Details: http://www.calinx.org
  Organization of hospitals, purchasers, and health plans formed to improve quality of care in California by advancing quality of information.
Canadian Health Record Association «
Site Details: http://www.chra.ca
  Includes professional, career, and health management information.
Canadian Institute for Health Information «
Site Details: http://www.cihi.ca
  Offers information on expenditures, services and professionals in Canada from CIHI's standards, data and analysis products.
Clinical Audit Association Ltd «
Site Details: http://www.the-caa-ltd.demon.co.uk
  Offers information about the use of audit in the health sector, including clinical guidelines, and details of membership.
Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association «
Site Details: http://www.hcsa.com
  Organisation which is solely devoted to the interests of all Senior Hospital Doctors.
Institute for Healthcare Improvement «
Site Details: http://www.ihi.org
  Nonprofit organization which offers resources and services to help healthcare organizations make dramatic and long-lasting improvements.
Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) «
Site Details: http://www.ihm.org.uk
  Exists to enhance and promote the highest standards of professional healthcare management in order to improve health and healthcare in the U. K.
National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) «
Site Details: http://www.namss.org
  Nonprofit, professional association that provides expertise in the areas of provider credentialing, medical staff services and provider relations.
Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy «
Site Details: http://www.shca-aha.org
  Provides support to professionals joined together to ensure that patients and consumers receive the high-quality health care they deserve.
Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care «
Site Details: http://www.sswlhc.org
  Dedicated to promoting the universal availability, accessibility, and effectiveness of health care that addresses the psychosocial components of health.
UCL Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education «
Site Details: http://www.chime.ucl.ac.uk
  Established to develop and integrate initiatives in informatics, education and health services research.


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